PUN Media is a partnership between Liz Polay-Wettengel and David Levy. Why PUN? Everyone loves puns! They’re playful and pack in extra meaning to just a few words — just like fantastic marketing. But also, when we sat down together to brainstorm names, we made a list of everything awesome that we’d like to be associated with. At the top of the list were Pirates, Unicorns, and Ninjas, and PUN Media was born.

Liz Polay-WettengelLiz Polay-Wettengel is a veteran marketing professional with extensive experience in traditional marketing and publicity with a strong background in the online landscape. She honed her marketing skills in the music industry, where she created retail and tour marketing campaigns to generate excitement, promote sales, and engage fans. It was here, in the late 1990s, that she began using online tools to reach new and existing audiences and to expand the musical outreach of the artists she represented.

She left the music industry and New York City in 2002 and moved to the Boston area where she spent some time in real estate before becoming a publicist for Quayside Publishing Group specializing in non-fiction books on crafting, cooking, home improvement, and graphic design, among other subjects.

For the last five years Liz has been immersed in the nonprofit world where she worked at Combined Jewish Philanthropies of greater Boston, where she introduced social marketing techniques and created the initial social media presence for the large non-profit. Later she added the title of Community Manager for JewishBoston.com. Liz spent several years co-creating, developing, launching and growing this portal to the Jewish community of eastern Massachusetts. JewishBoston.com was launched in March 2010 and in one year, in a niche market, grew from zero to 30,000 unique visitors a month.

In May, 2012, Liz became the Director of Marketing and Communications for Aviv Centers for Living, a senior care facility on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

A results driven, modern marketing professional, Liz is a well known social media advocate and trainer. With a record of early technology adoption, she has built trusted relationships through many social media channels.

Liz has a passion for creative marketing with social integration… and great storytelling. She believes that modern social marketing boosts the potential for audience engagement and communication to a new level. It allows us to bring a company, a product, or a cause to the eyes of more people than ever before and has introduced us to a fascinating new world of possibilities within marketing and public relations.

When not living in a digital world, Liz can be found with her family, enjoying the sea shore, spending time with friends and whipping up gourmet meals. She lives in Salem, Massachusetts with her husband and two sons. You can find Liz on Twitter as @LizPW or email her at liz@punmedia.com.

David LevyDavid Levy combines the the savvy of a marketer with skills of an educator and the initiative of an early-adopter to help you tell your story and get everyone else talking about it too.

David is what is known as a “digital pioneer,” a member of the generation just slightly too old to be a “digital native” but one who fearlessly set out to conquer this unknown territory called the internet. He was on the web before you had heard of it, blogging before the term had been coined, and creating online engagement strategies when Facebook was still something made out of a dead tree and handed out to college freshmen.

Upon graduating from Harvard, David became the Vice President of Label Operations for Fynsworth Alley, an independent record label based in Los Angeles that was one of the first to create a business model based on selling online through a destination website with new content every day. While Fynsworth Alley had the misfortune of launching just after the tech bubble burst and just before the rise of the mp3, the experience served David well moving forward. He went on to a dual career in education and media, including ongoing writing and editing roles at The Jewish Advocate, Jewschool.com, and TalkinBroadway.com. He currently serves as the Managing Editor of JewishBoston.com, a one-stop website for all things Jewish in the Greater Boston area.

David sees the online arena as a venue for building and strengthening relationships, between individuals and among communities, and this philosophy extends to the business and nonprofit world. When we believe in what we have to offer, we want to share our passions with other fans and spread our enthusiasm far and wide. Today’s technology allows us to connect with others and expand our networks faster than ever, and to do so without needing an advanced engineering degree. David has built his own network of colleagues, fans, and friends online, and he’s ready to help you build yours.

David lives in Jamaica Plain, MA. When you can pry him away from the computer, he enjoys theater, comic books, and cooking. He sits on the board of directors of Keshet, a non-profit organization working for the full inclusion of LGBT individuals within the Jewish community. You can find David on Twitter as @itsdlevy or email him at david@punmedia.com.

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